Company History

JAMA Engineering  B.V. was founded in 1975.  As a producer of exhaust systems for race and road applications, today JAMA supplies the car and motorcycle accessory market.  Besides the main brand of LASER DEEPTONE EXHAUSTS, which are for cars and motorbikes, JAMA also produces  products under the names of MARSHALL EXHAUSTS and JAMA ORIGINALS, both for motorbikes.  Their production facilities and sales distribution center are all located in the Netherlands near Rotterdam.

Company Line on the Laser Pro Duro

The Laser Pro Duro is a Heavy Duty muffler especially developed for the world of off-road riding.  Due to the rugged nature of this type of riding, this muffler has been constructed from stainless steel with a distinct appearance that suits the nature of such bikes. 

Important Notes

JAMA Engineering  makes two different Laser Pro Duro mufflers for the KLR A series that use the same intermediate pipe and outer shell construction.  The "road can" and "sports can" are based on a mechanical design and do not need be to be repacked (click on cut-a-way diagram).  Both mufflers use stainless steel wool for packing that should last indefinitely.  Due to their welded construction there is no way to repack either muffler if the wool packing fails.  The two mufflers differ due to the design of their internal baffles.  The "road can" uses an offset baffle while the "sport can" has a straight through baffle.  Based on available data the "sports can" is louder than the "road can".  The "road can" was the muffler used during this installation. 

Gino Pokluda made some very important observations about the Laser Pro Duro in his  1999 article published in the  September/October  issue of  Dual Sport News :

  • The Laser Pro Duro has not been certified by the USFS and does not carry a USFS stamp on the muffler.  The  Laser Pro Duro does have a spark arrestor, but it has not received USFS approval.
  • Since this muffler is manufactured for European KLRs there has been some confusion about which European models years correspond to U.S. spec. KLRs.  Based on information in the KLR List Archives, ordering a muffler for a '92 or earlier European KLR 650 should correspond with the U.S. spec. model. While researching Laser part numbers at the M&P Motorcycle Accessories Ltd web site, I could only confirm the Laser part numbers for '87 , '88 and '89  European KLR 650 matched the part number of the muffler I installed on my U.S. spec. A14. Ordering from Fred Hink at Arrowhead Motorsports should eliminate this confusion (Thanks Fred!). 

Tools Used During Installation

3/8 in. drive ratchet and 6" extension   
3/8 in. drive  10, 12 and 13 mm sockets
3/8 in. drive  5 and 6 mm hex bit sockets
10, 12 and 13 mm open/closed end wrenches
Phillips screwdrivers

Supplies Used During Installation

Clear Silicone
LOCTITE 242 (Blue)