"After the third time I knew it must be some type of exhaust leak"

Stuart Mumford's  Big Pro Duro / Laser Pro Gun

Stuart Mumford (aka: CA Stu) has successfully mated the Laser Pro Duro "road can" and intermediate pipe to the Big Gun header pipe without modifications.  After 3500 miles he reported the Laser Pro Duro still sounds like new.

Stuart also indicated the muffler had become a little              discolored from the heat and would suggest using the stock header pipe to retain the stock heat dissipation characteristics.  The coated Big Gun header pipe seems to send all the heat through to the Laser Pro Duro, which doesn't seem to affect its performance, but it has discolored it and makes the it get extremely hot.  Stay tuned for periodic updates on this interesting hybrid exhaust system.

Two Year Update

After two years I have a few things to report about the Laser Pro Duro.  Sound levels have remained the same  with no change in pitch or volume level.

The Laser Pro Duro has  not melted the rear fender or the right side panel.  The repositioned heat shield has not moved or come loose.

The Laser Pro Duro has turned a dark golden color with areas around the intermediate pipe /  header connection turning a rainbow blue (hot areas). The underside of the intermediate pile has also turned a rainbow blue color where it starts to turn up towards the muffler.  Some surface contaminates have burned into the finish, but overall the muffler still looks good.

Other observations:

Tire Interference and Muffler Position

I replace my rear tire with a 130/80 x 17 Avon AM44 Distanzia
and after 6000 miles of use I did not notice tire rubbing or any other interference issues. 

I have noticed a small amount of interference while using a 5.10 x 17  Kenda K270.  I have tried to reposition the muffler and intermediate pipe several times but a slight amount of rubbing still occurs.  See pictures.

Carburetor Jetting Issues

After my 200 mile initial test report, I noticed a slight throttle hesitation around 3000 rpm.  I backed out the pilot screw to 2 1/4 turns out and the problem disappeared.

After a plug inspection a few months after I  had adjusted the pilot screw out I found my bike was still running slightly lean so I elected to install a Dynojet kit.  My bike has a stock air box and I am running a K&N air filter.  I am also located at sea level.

I first used a Dynojet 150 main jet, e-clip on the 4th slot from the top and three turns out on the pilot screw just for fun.  This setup proved to be very rich even at sea level.  I averaged around 32 to 34 MPG!

My second setup was a Dynojet 140 main jet, e-clip on the 4th slot from the top and two turns out on the pilot screw.  I used this setup for approximately 6000 miles from sea level to over 12,000 ft without any problems.  I averaged around 38 to 40MPG.  A plug inspection revealed my bike was running a  little rich at sea level.