My current setup is a Dynojet 140 main jet, e-clip on the 3rd slot from the top and two turns out on the pilot screw.  I am averaging 46MPG.  I plan on using this configuration from now on.

Dan Bitter after much experimentation has settled on the  follow setup to use with his Laser Pro Duro:

Keihin 148 main jet
Dynojet needle with the e-clip on the 3rd slot from the top
Pilot screw turned out 3  1/8 turns and
K&N air filter
Snorkel removed from the air box
  (rubber grommet on the inlet of the air box)

Dan lives at 300 feet above sea level and reports this setup has worked up to 9000 feet without any problems.

Dyno Runs with the Laser Pro Duro

Glen G made a few passes on a dyno with his Laser Pro Duro equipped KLR 650 and the following is what he found:

The dyno runs showed he was able to gain approximately two horsepower over the stock configuration (a 6.67% increase based on his stock run) by replacing the stock muffler with the Laser Pro Duro (road can), Installing a Dynojet kit, replacing his stock air filter with a Twinair filter and performing some air box modifications.

See the dyno chart on the left for more details.

Per Glen:  "I wasn't impressed with the dyno shop.  The    readings are all lower that the actual HP the bike should be producing.  You can still get an idea of how the HP curve changes.  I think you could get some more ponies out of her with a different pipe, but not much.  Although it's only a couple of HP you can feel it and the important part is the gain around 3500 rpm that carries to the redline."

Exhaust Leaks and Other Issues

During routine inspections I have found the clamps supplied with the Laser Pro Duro have loosen up and have needed to be retightened.  This has resulted in a few visible leaks around slip joint areas.  When comparing the before and after  pictures of the intermediate pipe /  muffler slip joint area, it appears the muffler has moved back or the intermediate pipe has moved forward.  I have not determined what has caused this to happen.

After my initial ride report was posted, I noticed a small black  circle under the engraved LASER logo on the rear of the  muffler.  I wiped this area off and thought nothing about it.  After another ride I notice the same spot had reappeared and made a mental note to check it again after my next ride.  After the third time I knew it must be some type of exhaust leak.  I inspected the area in question and noticed two small pinholes.  One pinhole is at the top of the weld and the other is at the bottom of the weld on the bottom of the muffler.  The pictures to the left show where soot is escaping from these pinholes. After looking at the weld closely it appears a small air bubble may have formed in the weld area during manufacture.  These pinholes have not affected performance and I have not heard about any other Laser Pro Duro users who have experienced a similar problem.   

These pinholes should not be confused with the factory drilled drain hole on the underside of the muffler can a few inches away from the intermediate pipe / muffler slip joint area.  I have received a few questions about the factory drain hole from different users questioning if this hole is a defect in the muffler.